Teaching Organisation

2 Year Old Provision

8:45am - 11:40am


12.20pm - 3.20pm

Nursery (F1)

8:45am start of session  11:45am end of session.

12:10pm start of session  3:10pm end of session.

Full time F1



8:50am school starts     10:20-10:30am break

11:45am-12:00pm assembly   12:00pm Lunch

1:10pm afternoon session starts    2:35-2:45pm break (optional)

3:15pm school ends


The pupils are organised into twelve classes in School.

*There are part-time, 2 year old provision classes split into am or pm sessions.

* There are part-time Foundation 1 Classes (Nursery 3-4 yr olds)

*There are full-time 30 hour places in Foundation 1 (Nursery 3-4 year olds)  

* There are three Foundation 2 (reception classes 4-5yr olds),
* There are three Year 1 classes (5-6yr olds)
* There are three Year 2 classes (6-7yr olds)

No class exceeds 30 pupils unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Classes have Teaching Assistants to reduce pupil to adult ratio.

The school week is divided into teaching time and time allocated for registration, assemblies and breaks.

Teaching time is 21 hours per week.