SMSC: Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.

SMSC features highly at Town lane Infant school and we have been awarded the national award for SMSC at Gold level.

We are proud to have been judged at GOLD standard by external verifiers for our commitment to SMSC at our school'

SMSC permeates throughout the curriculum. Children will develop their own personal values and beliefs. By offering the children a rich curriculum children will experience fascination and ` awe and wonder`. Children will appreciate moments of stillness and reflection, explore the values and beliefs of others and understand human feelings and emotions. They will be given opportunities to use their imagination and be creative in their learning.

At Town Lane pupils’ spiritual development is demonstrated by their ability to:

  • Develop their personal values and beliefs

  • Experience fascination, awe and wonder

  • Appreciate moments of stillness and reflection

  • Explore the values and beliefs of others

  • Understand human feelings and emotions

  • Use imagination creativity in their learning.


Pupil’s moral development is demonstrated by their ability to:

  • Develop and express personal views or values

  • Investigate moral values and ethical issues

  • Explore moral codes and models of moral virtue

  • Distinguish right from wrong and apply this knowledge

  • Explore own and others` views, consider the consequences of their actions


Pupils’ social development is demonstrated by their ability to:

  • Develop personal qualities and use social skills

  • Participate and co-operate in community activities

  • Show respect for people, living things, property and the environment

  • Understand how communities and society’s function

  • Share views and opinions


Pupils’ cultural development is demonstrated by their ability to:

  • Understand and appreciate a wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their heritage

  • Willingness to participate in and respond to cultural activities

  • Interest in exploring, understanding and developing respect for cultural diversity

  • Ability to recognise achievement in all cultures

  • Ability and willingness to challenge discrimination.

By visiting our class pages and reviewing the work undertaken by the children you will see how our rich curriculum reflects the vision and values of Town Lane Infant School.  The learning ethos and environment at Town Lane encompasses all strands of SMSC. We therefore aim to provide an education that provides children with opportunities to explore, develop their own values, whilst recognising that those of others may differ.

SMSC relates to the whole life of this school.

 We believe that all children should have equality of opportunity and should be able to access the curriculum regardless of race, religion, gender or ability.