School Lunches

29th September 2017

School Meals

The cook and her kitchen staff have been working extremely hard to make all the meals as exciting and varied as possible. All schools have to follow the ‘School Food Plan’ in order to ensure children are presented with a varied diet which will help them to grow and remain healthy. Also available each day for your child to choose from is freshly baked bread, cheese, pasta, a wide range of salad and fresh fruit. Milk is offered to the children too. We always ensure that the children have eaten sufficiently well to be ready to learn in the afternoons. If any parent or carer has any concerns about their child’s choices or lunchtime experiences please contact the school office to make an appointment with Mrs. Murphy.

Please ensure that children who are having grapes in their lunchboxes have had them cut in half lengthways. This is a recommendation of Wirral’s Health & Safety Department.