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Chair – Jackie Coxell     Vice Chair - Siobhan Hanlon     Treasurer – Sharne Williams

Secretary – James Foggo            Purchaser – Laura Hayes

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Town Lane PTA 2018/2019


 Chair: Jackie Coxell


Vice chair: Siobhan Hanlon


Treasurer: Sharne Williams


Secretary: James Foggo


Purchaser: Laura Hayes




Town Lane Infants Parents Fundraising Association



The Parents Association organise various events through the school year in order to raise vital funds for the school.  These funds are used to purchase items for the school children to benefit from and to fund trips/events for the children to enjoy.


Town Lane PTA are delighted to inform you that over the course of last year as a school we have managed to raise over £10,000 pounds!




Money spent so far this year


New role-play area for F1


Christmas Entertainer


Christmas Presents for all the Children


Christmas Party


Year 2 Trip to Claremont Farm


Artist Ian Fenelley


Techniquest Science experience for the whole school


Storage for F1


Sensory Circuit for whole school


Mothers day presents


Fathers day presents


and we are looking to fund a St Johns Ambulance session with year 2




List of Events/Fundraising for 2018/19:


Christmas Cards - to be returned by Monday 15th October


Personalised Bags - These will go on sale W/C 29th October to all parents


School Disco’s - Friday 9th November with tickets going on sale on Wednesday  7th November


Grotto set up - this will take place on Thursday 29th November (helpers required in the evening)


Christmas Fair - this will take place on Friday 30th November (helpers will be needed)


Christmas Party - this will take place on Wednesday 18th December and Miss Giggles is excited to visit all the children.


Book Bus - This is booked for March 12th 2019




We hold regular Committee meetings that you are welcome to attend and you can contact any of the Committee members at school, through our Facebook page, email us or leave a message at the school office. We welcome any feedback on ideas for fundraising and also any suggestions of areas you think the raised funds should be utilised. Our next PTA meeting will take place on Thursday 15th November 6pm at the Acorn.


Look forward to seeing those who can make it.


Town Lane PTA


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Facebook: Friends of Town Lane Infants School