The Library is housed in a light and airy corridor extension and is managed through staff, children and volunteer parent librarians. Year 2 pupils are encouraged to be librarians and keep the library books tidy.

The school library has separate areas for fiction and non-fiction books.  The books are sorted into easily identifiable categories for the children to choose from. We call these books 'Family Time Books' and they are for children share at home with parents and carers or older siblings. Children are encouraged to change their library books each week ensuring that they choose both a fiction and a non-fiction text. These books will probably not be fully decodeable for your child yet so the expectation is not for your child to read this book themselves. We believe strongly that children will develop a love of reading through experiencing success when reading at home and having quality story time with a wide range of books. 


Each month we celebrate reading through our ‘Author of the Month’ displays. Teachers and their classes are encouraged to read a range of books by popular, well-respected authors in order to help the children develop an appreciation of high quality children’s fiction.