F2 Transition to Year 1 meeting

10th July 2017

Moving into Key Stage One Meeting

Parents and carers of children in current Reception classes are invited to attend a transition meeting on Monday 10th July at 6.15 p.m. During the meeting you will be introduced to the teaching staff and be presented with information about the KS1 curriculum. Please try to attend.

The Reception and Y1 children will be introduced to their new teachers two days later and will spend some time getting to know their new environment. The KS1 teachers have requested that a few photographs and pictures, linked to areas of special interest and hobbies, are sent into school on Wednesday 12th July (Transition day) so the staff can get to know more about your children and their interests. The children will begin to use their photographs to make their learning logs during the morning.  Any photographs and pictures sent into school cannot be returned, so please do not send in any you want to keep.