Answer 5

Answer 5: 

Your child’s well-being, mental and emotional health is as important as their academic progress. Town Lane offers a wide variety of pastoral support for pupils who encounter emotional difficulties, including :

Teachers and Teaching Assistant readily available to discuss issues and concerns

Person Centered Planning/One Page Profiles

Clubs and extra adult supervision from Teaching Assistants and Midday Assistants at lunchtime to support children who find this time in school challenging

ELSA - two members of staff have gained their Emotional Literacy Support Assistant training and support children in small groups and in one to one situations depending on the needs of the children.

 If a pupil has a medical need than a detailed Health Care Plan is compiled with support from the school nurse and the Local Authority in consultation with parents/carers.

 All staff are trained in Emergency First Aid and a number of staff are qualified first aiders (including paediatric)

Twelve staff are trained in how to use a defibrillator and school has one on the premises.

Some staff have been trained in Team Teach including the SENDCo and receive refresher training every two years. Team Teach is where deescalation strategies are used to deescalate children's challenging behaviours and positive handling is used as a last resort to support a child’s behaviour and only when the child is putting themselves or others at risk. 

We pride ourselves on how we promote children’s well-being and emotional health at Town Lane Infant School.