Answer 3

Answer 3: 

All pupils benefit from a range of teaching and learning styles; a differentiated curriculum, a range of differentiated learning materials (both for reinforcement and extension); assessment procedures that emphasise pupils’ strengths and achievements; access to ICT; differentiated booster classes.

We believe that it is important for children to develop relationships with a number of adults across the school and ensure that all relevant staff understands the child’s individual needs. Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and includes all the mainstream subject areas but has been adapted by staff to enable all pupils to access all subjects in a meaningful and purposeful way. Phonics is taught across EYFS, Key stages 1 and is embedded across the curriculum.

Access to the curriculum is important to ensure that we get it right for children with numeracy and literacy difficulties. The school uses a wide variety of resources to facilitate access to the curriculum, including Numicon, RWI Programmes, iPad apps and coloured overlays. It maybe that your child needs specialist equipment e.g. writing slopes, pencil grips, posture support cushions and specialist chairs.

Our children are encouraged to work independently and collaboratively within their learning. They make progress in many ways not only through academic achievement. We teach using approaches to develop confidence, resilience and independence and offer opportunities for these skills to be transferred across the school setting.