Answer 10

Answer 10:

We recognise that transitions can be difficult for a child with SEND and we take steps to ensure that any transition is a smooth as possible.

Children joining Foundation Stage 1 and 2 will participate in transition activities including Induction mornings/afternoons. Parents are invited to a meeting when they have the opportunity to meet their child’s class teacher for information sharing. The EYFS Leadrer will visit the nursery settings to meet the children prior to the induction day visit and the SENDco will visit children who have already been identified with additional needs in their nursery setting and attend review meeting when required, Due to Covid 19, the children's induction will take place in September where the children will have two induction sessions, one of which will be with parents in the outdoor area. Where parents have identified concerns about their child, the EYFS lead or SENDCo has made contact to discuss requirements that may be needed for transition.

A multi-agency meeting will be held prior to starting school for any child with additional needs already identified.

When your child moves into the next year group information will be passed on to the new class teacher in advance and in most cases, a planning meeting will take place with the new teacher. where the needs of the child will be shared with the new teacher.

Transition to Higher Bebington Junior School can be a worrying time for both the parents and child so at Town Lane Infant School we do additional transitional visits and talk at length with the junior teachers about the children’s special educational needs.  We ensure that all paperwork is passed on to them and they are made aware of any special requirements, both educationally and pastorally. The SENDCos from each school meet in June to discuss the needs of the children that are transferring to the junior school in September to ensure that all paper work and needs are discussed and she knows about any special arrangements or support that need to be made for your child. Due to Covid 19, this meeting was carried out be telephone and emails this year.