Forest School

Welcome to Forest School.


We will keep you informed of the progress we make linked to the Tesco Bags of Help grant we have received.


 Work will hopefully begin Friday 20th May- we will begin by felling some trees and planting lots more to make our forest area wider and healthier.

The children will be helping to plant all the new trees and bushes we have.


Trees and bushes to be planted are:

Elder, hawthorn, hazel, holly, dog rose and dog wood, silver birch, rowan and wild cherry.

Hazel, blackthorn, crab-apple, common oak.


We will add photographs as we go along this amazing journey.

Forest school leaders sent out questionnaires to all children and their families before the summer holiday about how they felt forest school sessions had gone and what improvements we could make to make it even better.
As a result of those questionnaires we decided to change our original plans from a Hobbit hole to a round house, which was requested by a lot of parents and children. This was to give the children to place to shelter from rain, wind or even sun during their forest school sessions.
After what seems like a long wait work has begun on the round house. Earth Skills started work, today, a frosty morning and ended the afternoon/day with a heavy rain.
The main posts are in and the structure is taking shape.
After the round house is constructed, work will begin on the 'Dipping Pond' which was a favourite request from the children. Unfortunately it wont be deep enough for ducks, as requested, but we may see the odd pigeon having a paddle!
Keep watching this space for the on- going work.
Round house structure complete. Move-able sides will be added to 5 sides of the round house.
We will be running a competition open to all children and families week beginning 6th March;
Design a weathervane for the top of the round house- winning design will be made by a blacksmith and placed on top of the round house by Earth Skills.
The dipping pond is nearly complete- few more plants to be planted and some large rocks to be placed in the middle to allow the newts and frogs a sheltered safe area if the weather turns cold and freezes the top.
Thank you Earth Skills for your amazing work.